Empowering Women


Kandahar Treasure is a model of social entrepreneurship enabling Afghan women artisans and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them with income and access financial assistance.


Countless studies have shown that gender equality is smart economics. The untapped potential of women remains a lost opportunity for economic growth and development that Afghanistna cannot afford. Women’s economic participation promotes agricultural productivity, enterprise development at the micro, small, and medium enterprise levels, as well as enhances business management and returns on investment.


In addition to boosting economic growth, investing in women produces a multiplier effect – women reinvest a large portion of their income in their families and communities. Women also play key roles in creating peaceful and stable societies –important factors for economic growth. Unfortunately, in places like Afghanistan, these benefits have not been universally recognized and translated into women’s full economic participation. Women still face obstacles when trying to establish new businesses or expand existing ones. Among the biggest hurdles are discriminatory laws, regulations and business conditions, as well as women’s lack of access to property rights, finance, training, technology, markets, mentors, and networks.


KT works to empower women by providing employment opportunities both in their home and in our shop in Kandahar. We supply these women with the fabric, thread and design for products and they produce high quality, hand embroidered pieces that can be sold locally or abroad. These works of art are coveted by customers and keeps them coming back for more!


KT pays the artisans a fair wage for their work. These women artisans are then able to provide food, shelter and schooling for their children. Many of our artisans are widows who are managing their household budgets for the first time. KT provides financial advise and assistance to these women enabling them to become independent and empowered!

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