About Kandahar Treasure

We Create Opportunity

Kandahar Treasure employs women artisans from the Kandahar area in order to develop an economic base for the province and support the advancement of women throughout Afghanistan. We offer home décor items, such as pillows and tablecloths, as well as clothing and accessories embellished with a uniquely Afghan style of embroidery. This style is called Khamak (pronounced kha-mahk) and is one of the oldest and purest forms of embroidery art in the world. For centuries this embroidery has been produced by women who gather in their homes to create pieces of functional beauty. Until recently, it was shared  mostly within Southern Afghanistan. Today Kandahar Treasure is bringing this art-form to the world.

Our Impact Grows

For the past four years, Kandahar Treasure has been a non-profit project of Afghans for Civil Society (ACS). Since our inception in 2003, the number of women artisans who produce the handcrafted products we sell has expanded from 25 to more than 400, as knowledge of khamak and demand for this truly remarkable form of embroidery has grown. Four years later, Kandahar Treasure is now transforming into an independent for-profit business, marking an important milestone in the creation of economic opportunity and independence for Afghan women.