Kandahar Treasure transforms lives by empowering Afghan women artisans in the Kandahar area to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through ethical, artisan-based employment thereby changing the way they see the world and their place in it.  KT is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship with a mission to create economic stability for a region ravaged with war and violence.


Through the sale of beautifuly hand embroidered pieces, KT supports a holistic approach to sustainable poverty alleviation through artisan-based employment that empowers Afghan women. Women, earning fair labor wages, embroider weave pieces of art. KT strives to also drive transformational change by providing financial advising to help the women manage their household budgets for the first time.





“Just Beautiful!”

“I cannot believe that this work is made by hand, its perfect!”

“These are Heirloom pieces”

“It is nice to see such beauty coming out of a country that is mainly known for violence”

“This art work should not be worn – it should hang as framed Art”

“Wearing Khamak in America connects me to my Afghan roots”

“Khamak is the finest hand embroidery in the world!”

“This truly is a Treasure!”


“Working at Kandahar Treasure is my lifeline – my whole family depends on it”

“Khamak is my pen and my pencil – my embroidery is my expression to the world”

“I am proud to sustain my culture and my tradition through my fingers”

“Kandahar Treasure has shown me how to live and create a new future for my orphaned children…they are now in school rather than growing illiterate picking trash”

“Our stitches are the gems and jewels of the treasures we create”

“I want to bring peace to Afghanistan one stitch at a time”

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